Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

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Amazon extends hand in grocery business; Opens Fresh Store at Los Angeles

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Amazon really wants you to buy groceries from its stores and this has been a developing theme since 2017 already when they acquired Whole Foods.

Today, the company just announced that it will open up the first Amazon Fresh physical grocery store in Los Angeles to invited customers within the vicinity before a broader opening in the coming weeks.

For some context, Amazon also has three other Fresh stores in California and Chicago, but they are being used for online order fulfillment at this point in time.

The “Amazon effect” is arguably one of the most interesting talking points when it comes to deflation forces over the past decade and their expansion into groceries or food  is a symbolic step that just adds to the narrative.
The last three years have represented the first few steps for Amazon in creating a new status quo in the grocery market industry, and today sees another step forward as well.

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