Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

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Coronavirus updates in India

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The number of reported coronavirus cases in India rose 7.5% over the last two days to 380,532, latest data from the ministry of health and family welfare (MoHFW) showed. This is faster than the pace in the preceding 48-hour period, when the number of cases went up 6.5 percent.

The death toll has reached 12,573 after growing 5.6 percent over the last two days. Deaths had risen 25 percent in preceding 48 hours. However, the drastic jump two days ago was due to the Maharastra government’s decision to update its data after including 1,328 deaths that took place earlier in the outbreak. Maharashtra is the worst-hit state in India.

This week so far, the deaths have risen 32%, and the number of cases 14%.

The death count in India has nearly doubled in the last fifteen days. The number of infections is now twice what it was eighteen days ago, and given the rate of growth in this period, could hit the 400,000-mark by Sunday and the 500,000-mark in eight days.

The continuing rise in cases poses a severe challenge for India’s strained medical capacity and overburdened health system.

Despite a much slower case doubling rate than earlier in the outbreak, new infections and deaths have been rising faster in India than in most other badly-hit countries. The national toll is now the eighth worst in the world. India has also recorded the biggest increase in confirmed cases over the past week among countries with over 4,000 deaths.

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