Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

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COVID-19 vaccines developing

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With developing a safe, effective and accessible vaccine for Covid-19 being seen as the key to contain the pandemic, research and trials are going on at a fast pace across the world to find a cure for the novel coronavirus.

In latest developments, US company Moderna Inc, one of the front runners in the vaccine race, has said it had started dosing patients in a mid-stage study while Russian scientists plan to start clinical trials within two weeks.

Around 120 vaccines are in the works across the world, of which at least 10 are undergoing human trials even as cases worldwide crossed the 60 lakh mark, including 369,254 deaths. Till date, China’s CanSino adenovirus vaccine, Oxford University’s adenovirus vaccine, Moderna’s mRNA vaccine and Novavax have emerged as the top most promising vaccine candidates for Covid-19.

In a report in the academic journal Science last month, Sinovac said its vaccine protected monkeys from infection by the coronavirus.

Sinovac’s research and development subsidiary has received $15 million from private equity firms Advantech Capital and Vivo Capital to fund the development of the vaccine. Besides, the company has also been assigned a large factory to produce its coronavirus vaccine, with an aim of being able to produce 100 million doses.

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