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United Kingdom

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The U.K. is the world’s sixth-largest economy and therefore the second-largest in Europe after Germany. In terms of trade, England is the net importer of products with a uniform deficit. Its largest trading partner is the euro zone, more specifically Germany.

Trade activity with the eurozone accounts for over half the UK’s trading activity. The U.S., on a private basis, still remains the U.K.’s largest trading partner. The oldest financial institution within the world is that the Bank of England (BOE).

Back within the day, when England was on the verge of economic expansion, government leaders realized that they needed an entity to assist facilitate international trade. In 1694, the BOE was founded to assist facilitate trade and growth for England.

Today, the BOE’s main monetary policy objective is that of maintaining price stability while at an equivalent time, fostering growth and employment. As it is, the BOE is aiming for a target rate of inflation of two .0%, which is measured by the buyer price level (CPI).

In order to satisfy this target, the BOE has been granted the magical ability to vary interest rates to levels that they believe will allow them to satisfy this target. The group within the BOE that is responsible of determining interest rates is that the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC).

The MPC holds monthly meetings, which are closely followed for announcements on changes in monetary policy, including changes within the rate of interest . In England, the rate of interest is named the bank repo rate.

The main policy tools employed by the BOE’s Monetary Policy Committee are bank repo rate and open market operations. The bank repo rate is that the speed set by the BOE for its own operations within the market to help meet the MPC’s inflation target.

  • Whenever the MPC changes this rate, it affects the rates of economic banks set for his or her savers and borrowers. This, in turn, also will affect spending and output within the economy, and eventually costs.
  • Like other central banks, if the BOE raises the repo rate, they are getting to curb inflation.
  • On the opposite hand, if they lower the speed, they are getting to stimulate growth within the economy.

When the BOE engages in open market operations, the BOE buys and sells GBP denominated treasuries and securities to regulate the availability of cash. This is an alternate method to extend liquidity within the financial markets.

If the BOE feels that there is a requirement to stimulate the economy, they are going to print more money and inject this into funds through the purchases of the government and corporate securities.

On the opposite hand, if the BOE seems like the economy has had enough candy, they are going to sell more securities, effectively taking back money from the economy.

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