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"Welcome to the World of Forex Trading with Fxtriangle : Your Premier Destination for Forex Brokers, Cashback Offers, and Expert forex managed accounts.

Welcome to a world of new experience, we have done the heavy lifting for you. No matter whether you are just starting as a newbie or already a seasoned professional looking for an additional option. We have the right solutions in place. From a dedicated list of Well organised forex brokers to the right tools needed to succeed you will get every thing under a single roof. Already a trader with one of our tied brokers move your account under our group and earn forex rebates for all of your trades. Interested to invest in one of our managed forex accounts, you can get started immediately without paying any upfront fees. Our seasoned team of advisers are always there to guide you, so that you find the correct solution. In case you are high Net worth and want something custom, We can craft it for you in no time.

Fxtriangle is more than just a platform; it's your gateway to optimizing Forex profits and achieving your financial goals. Join our community of traders and embark on a rewarding journey in the world's largest financial market.

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We go the extra mile to provide you with in-depth and unbiased reviews of Forex brokers. Our team of experts conducts thorough research and analysis, considering all the factors mentioned above, to help you make well-informed decisions. We strive to ensure that you have access to accurate and up-to-date information, enabling you to choose the broker that best suits your trading style and objectives. Moreover if you experience any anomalities just ping our responsive customer support team and we will get that shorted for you.

Fxtriangle is here to help you find the best Forex broker. We guide beginners with easy-to-use platforms and assist experienced traders in finding advanced tools. Choosing the right broker is crucial for success in the Forex market, and we're here to support you at every stage.Please note that all brokers have their supported jurisdiction, If your are not sure contact one of our advisors.


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Commonly asked questions by users!

What is a forex rebate?

When you trade under our affiliated brokers, We generate commision or a cut, We pay back 70% of our commision back to your mt4 or to your payment menthods selected in our backoffice this is called as forex cashback forex rebate or forex cashback.

What is a forex commission?

Each and every ECN broker charge a commision for trading , it is known as forex commision.

Which broker is the best for forex?

All broker have their own specialities , We do work with some of the premier forex brokers.

Which broker has lowest commission forex?

We do have some of the tier-1 regulated brokers that have really low spreads like fusionmarkets , blacklullmarkets etc.

Who is the biggest forex broker in the world?

As per our calculation Cpt Markets uk is well capitalized, while blueberry markets generate some of the largest volume.

Do you have cashback forex calculator?

We do not have such calculator as results are hypothical, Contact us we can draft you a calculation with the respective brokers as per your monthly trading volume.

What is forex cashback?

forex cashback is a reward or rebate program offered by certain brokers to traders. When traders participate in this program and make trades, a portion of the spread or commission paid to the broker is returned to them as cashback. It's like getting a small percentage of your trading costs back as a bonus.

Our Forex brokerage Network

A network of trusted Forex brokers to provide traders with access to a diverse range of financial markets and seamless trading experiences!



Get 0.2 pips/ lts in standard & 0.1pips in Prime.



Get 2.5$/lot in Classic & 0.6$ in Zero Account.



Get 10% of Spreads for Pro & Classic accounts.



Get 35% of Pip Value, 3.5$ for metals and 0.5$ on other pairs.



Get 4$ per standard lots on an Stp Account.



Get 1$ per standard lots on a Standard Account.



Get 2$ per standard lots on an Stp Account.