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Fxtriangle will make Fx trading look easy.

Why Forex Managed Account ?

Forex Managed trading service is offered by Fxtriangle and is for those individuals or Private concerns who want to invest in the vast Forex market through regulated dealers without paying any fees Upfront. The service provided by our team consists of the creation of separate risk profiles for individual customers and then detailing the Expected risk vs Reward ratio for a specified tenure. We use a combination of system based Algorithm and Human intervention to execute most of the trades on hundreds of customer accounts using a mam Api, This reduces the time lag found in a generic trade copier, All orders are executed by our algo in dedicated servers hosted very close to the broker’s data-center. Adding to this in the drawdown situation there is an inbuilt mechanism that can detect account damaging Draw-down and alert our managers in realtime. Thus forex managed accounts offered by us are different from those offered by our Competitors thanks to our years of innovation and our improved algo trading methodology. Over the years we have serviced several managed accounts and have hundreds of happy clients on board.






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We strictly work with those brokers that are regulated and have global presence. There are almost 300 brokers in operation as of today, most of them does not pass through our Stringent quality check.


Unlike traditional investment process, Where trading account details has to be provided to money manager, We require no such information as your trading account will be automatically allocated by the broker.


You would only pay us a performance fee in the Range of 25% ~ 30% on Net profits calculated using Industry standard High Watermark Method, If we don't make any profits, you do not pay us any fees.


Profits are added cumulatively to the initial investment and hence the investment grows progressively even after the performance fee has been taken. Unlike banks our targeted returns are up-to 10% monthly.


We have implemented Automated trading strategies that run in dedicated servers and are monitored 24 x 5, There is a strict Draw-down lock mechanism, The default value is 30%


In case of situations where the market conditions is not optimized for trading, All trading operations may be terminated from our side to prevent account collapse, So that we can re-start activity once situation Improves.


All investor accounts are Set up under a dedicated Money Manager, He is there to answer all your queries 24 * 5 through Email or Live chat.

diversify PORTFOLIOS

Portfolios can be diversified across multiple, This prevents from the risk of complete service outrage, Example if in case a broker ceases to provide service or face any liquidity issue. In fact we can switch brokers within 24 hrs


We have divided our Forex managed account portfolios into 3 categories as per investment amount and risk tolerance. No matter whether you are a seasoned banker or a rookie investor, We have everything covered.










Frequently asked questions

Generally we out-perform our competitors when it comes to forex managed accounts, But always the outcome is not so bright. In case if you have invested more than 100,000$ contact us for possible compensation.

For Forex managed accounts Some brokers don’t use physical LPOA, because electronic lpoa is being implemented automatically.

Well, we only work with brokers that are tied with us, Because we work in a semi -automated environment many brokers are unable meet our requirements. But we do have an option for externally managed accounts, email our support team so that they can explain further.

Please use the contact form and drop us an email, A member from our team will contact you.

This is done by the accounts team and the calculations are sent to your broker for monthly debit.

We use mam (Multi account manager) to trade all forex managed accounts, And our system is semi automated, most of our trades are sent to the server by a inbuilt algo plugin. But all positions are also monitored by our team throughout the day.

Our largest investor is of 2.8mln USD is a private company based in uk. But we have no limitations on the amount that one can deposit.

# The performance is fairly market dependent and hence we cannot guarantee that any accounts will reach the historical projections.

Our clients say

"The Portfolio diversification worked for me and now, I am able to optimize it per my liking I opened 2 silver accounts in different brokers one with low risk and one with aggressive strategy and returns were good in 10 weeks of testing."
"I am so far comparing Fxtriangle with my inhouse manager, I must say that sometimes you have to go far in order to reach your goal, So Fxtraingle has outperformed, But again it is early days and the market is trending."
"There are many so called managers poped now-a-days and it is very difficult to find the actual services that brings the optimal output, I joined Fxtraingle on the recommendation of a colleague & I am so far satisfied."
"Fxtriangle is a nice platform where we can get hold of financial news as well as good trading services, I am a seasoned investor since Ten years, I stumpled upon here through their FB page, So far 6 months of service hasbeen excellent"
Forex trading and any instruments related to Foreign Exchange Market are Speculative and carry substantial risk of loss of either partial equity or the entire deposit amount. Leverage adds up to the risk, before considering to invest in this venture, you should first consider your financial position and may seek the help of an independent financial advisor. FXtriangle dis-recommends the usage of loan instruments to trade in this market as it can hamper financial position. Please do not invest the money that you cannot afford to lose. FXtriangle provides all its services throughout the Globe Excluding (Nigeria, British Virgin Island & the Islamic Republic of Iran) and also provides limited service in some jurisdictions where investment in Overseas markets / Fx Exchanges are prohibited by Law If you are not sure to contact us before using any of our services. FXtriangle acts as an Independent Corporate Financial Advisor and connects you to various overseas exchanges and cannot be held liable for any financial damage occurring through their side. All of our partnered institutions are regulated in various jurisdictions.FXtriangle conducts an independent background check before partnering with any institutions to fulfill your investment objectives smoothly. The usage of our Business name, Logo or any trademark in any financial forum, website, review website, complaint arena, Billboards without our written permission will attract lawsuits.