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Our dedicated team of forex account managers is here to assist you in achieving your financial objectives. With a collective experience spanning decades, they are well-equipped to navigate the ever-changing forex landscape. Meet the experts behind our success and your potential gains.

Our account managers have a collective experience spanning decades, and they bring a wealth of knowledge and insights to the table. They have successfully navigated the ever-changing forex landscape, helping our clients achieve their investment goals even in volatile markets.

Profitable Forex Strategies: maximize profits while minimizing risks

AI based trading: Automated Risk Management

Transparent Fees: Pay only for winning trades

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Forex Managed Account Services

Explore our comprehensive range of forex managed account services for investors.



$10,000 # Initial deposit required.


  • Up to 30% Monthly Returns

    • Subject to a 35% performance fee
  • General Equity Protection

    • Ideal for casual investors looking for security
  • 30% Maximum Drawdown

    • Balancing profit potential with risk tolerance
  • Segregated Trading Account

    • Your funds remain separate and safe
  • Semi-Automated Trading

    • Enhanced trading strategies for optimal results


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$50,000 # Initial deposit required.


  • Potential for Up to 25% Monthly Returns

    • With a 30% performance fee
  • Dedicated Equity Protection

    • Ideal for serious investors seeking capital preservation
  • 22% Maximum Drawdown

    • Balancing profit potential with risk management
  • Segregated Trading Account

    • Ensuring the safety and separation of your funds
  • Dedicated Account Manager

    • Tailored support for your investment needs


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$100,000 # Initial deposit required.


  • Unlock Up to 27% Monthly Returns

    • With a 25% performance fee
  • Preserve Capital with Dedicated Equity Protection

    • Ideal for High Net Worth (H.N.W) investors
  • Optimize Profit Generation

    • Tailored for those seeking substantial profits
  • Manage Risk with a 22% Maximum Drawdown

    • Balancing returns with risk tolerance
  • Secure Funds in Custodial Accounts

    • Ensuring the safety and separation of your assets
  • Receive Personalized Support

    • Customized assistance for your investment needs


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$50,000 # Initial deposit required.


  • Potential for Up to 20% Monthly Returns

    • With a 30% performance fee
  • Standard Equity Protection

    • Ideal for investors using a external broker
  • 24% Maximum Drawdown

    • Balancing profit potential with risk management
  • Dedicated Account Manager

    • Tailored support for your investment needs
  • broker-related manipulations or activities

    • We are not liable for manipulations by brokers.


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Some of the technical aspects of our forex managed accounts

Opting for Forex managed accounts is a distinct choice for several compelling reasons.

Forex trading is difficult for several reasons like there are economical events, Market manipulations, slippage, fundamental aspects which are beyond our control such as warfare scenario , But if you have the right tools you will definitely win in the long run. Our crafted portfolios are created on customer request. Here were trade combined customer accounts in a block through sophisticated fix api this gives the advantage of execution speed and collect amount of profit locking. We use mam (Multi account manager) to make bulk trades which are split across several sub accounts. The system is semi-automated so that we can make human intervention whenever needed. So instead of wasting your time by investing in bucket shop managers who claim potential returns join us and make the most out of forex market. Our dedicated Forex Account Managers, armed with years of industry knowledge, curate tailored solutions that resonate with your unique financial goals.


Expertise Beyond Years:

7 years of service

Budget-Friendly Options:

Some of the Lowest Fee

Personalized Strategies, Your Way:

Customized Strategies on demand

Cutting-Edge Risk Management:

Ai based risk manager


Commonly asked questions by users!

What are Best forex managed accounts?

There is nothing as such Best managed forex accounts, all programs have their pros and cons, We always try to optimize our prgram as much as possible account to the needs of our end users.

Are there any managed forex accounts with $1000 minimum?

No, We don't recommend such small size of portfolio, Our start up amount is designated to sustain in the long run, More over most brokers with dma model have entry levels stipulated more than this amount.

i need a forex account manager?

We do provide dedicated forex account manager for all of our managed account programs.They are available 24 by 5 through various channels.

What are top 10 forex managed accounts?

And programs have their merits and de mertis, Any rank chnages over time, Contact our customer support to more about this.

Any forex account management software?

There are several forex account management softwares available for sale at various denominations, We do not recommend them as many of them will not work in the long run.

Who is the best forex account management?

It's challenging to pinpoint a single "best" forex account management service, as the effectiveness of such services can vary based on individual preferences, risk tolerance, and financial goals. Additionally, the forex market is inherently risky, and past performance does not guarantee future results.

Is forex account management legal?

Yes, Our forex account management services are done under complete legal backbone, Funds are held under tier-1 forex brokers with a pefectly structured aml policy in place, You can be confident to use our services as even the accounts are managed only after a signed lpoa is sent to over to counter parties.

Can someone manage my forex trading account?

Yes, forex account managers are real professionals or firms that offer services to manage trading accounts on behalf of investors. These managers are typically experienced and knowledgeable in forex trading, and they make trading decisions with the goal of generating profits for their clients. Investors who may not have the time, expertise, or interest in actively trading in the forex market often seek the services of account managers to handle their investment portfolios.

Do you offer forex managed accounts in uae or dubai?

Yes, We cover various jurisdictions, Except the prohibited ones, And have several investors from dubai and uae (middle east) regions, they are quite happy with our services. Contact our service team to get more details regarding the same.

What are best forex account management telegram group?

There are nothing as such best managed forex accounts in telegram group, most of these so call gurus will play with investor funds and will bring heavy losses over the period of time, reasearch a managed forex account before putting your funds.

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