Why Forex Managed Accounts ?

Forex managed accounts by Fxtriangle is for those individuals or private concerns who wants to invest in the vast Forex market through regulated dealers without paying any fees Upfront. This service is provided by our team consists of trading analyst , Their daily routine is the creation of separate risk profiles for individual customers and then detailing the Expected risk vs Reward ratio for a specified tenure. No one has control over this vast market as there are several technical and fundamental factors that affects the movement of the market and constitute to the volatility. In such situations only experience matters.

This is why you should not invest in a fully automated arena. We use a combination of system based Algorithm and Human intervention to execute most of the trades on hundreds of customer accounts using a mam Api, This reduces the time lag found in a generic trade copier or any copy type system, All orders are executed on managed forex trading accounts by our algo in dedicated servers hosted very close to the broker's data-center We block trading methodology in which several customers are merged to create a huge lump of funds. Adding to this in the drawdown situation there is an inbuilt mechanism that can detect any account damage wrt Draw-down factor and alert our managers in realtime to take necessary actions to protect a trading account.

The forex managed accounts offered by us are different from those offered by our Competitors thanks to our years of innovation and our improved algo trading methodology. Over the years we have serviced several managed accounts and have hundreds of happy clients on board. In order to know more get in touch with our account managers.


forex managed accounts

Apply For A Live Account

It only takes a few minutes to apply for a live trading account with any of our partnering broker.

fund your managed accounts

Fund the Account

Once the live account is approved fund it with the initial balance requirements of the respective portfolios.

managed account on lpoa

Sign the LPOA

An lpoa gives us the authority to trade your account and deduct performance fees on Net profits.


Why Fxtriangle stands out from the Crowd.

  • We have hit an annual 94.7% Net R.O.I last year.
  • Over 2000 live accounts under management.
  • We currently manage about 33.8 Million Usd in A.U.M.
  • We have a mixture of High Net Worth and retail Clients.
  • Over 10yrs of dedicated trading experience.
Fx Managed Accounts

Select your Suitable Portfolio Size

# Initial deposit required.
  • 35% Performance Fee
  • General Equity Protection
  • Suited for Casual Investors
  • 30% Maximal Drawdown
  • Segregated trading account
  • Semi-Automated trading
# Initial deposit required.
  • 30% Performance Fee
  • Dedicated Equity Protection
  • Suited for serious Investors
  • 22% Maximal Drawdown
  • Segregated trading account
  • Dedicated Account Manager
# Initial deposit required.
  • 25% Performance Fee
  • Dedicated Equity Protection
  • Suited for H.N.W
  • 22% Maximal Drawdown
  • Custodial accounts
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Customer testimonials

fxtriangle reviews
I started trading with blueberry markets under the recommendation of a member, And I am getting useful rebates on my trading volume, This helped me to minimize my losses by 7% which is a great help.
Mark Selvester - Poland
fxtriangle reviews
There are 101 ways to invest funds and make money, But I trust fxtriangle's innovative wealth management scheme, This helps to me earn residual income almost every month, And when there is a loss it is quickly recovered the very next month and all these for a small commision that is paid after I have made profits.
Jermey Smith - Usa
fxtriangle reviews
Fxtriangle has been very generous while designing my Semi-automation strategy, Their develops were very patients and always pointed out the pros & cons of any strategy No wonder they are in this field since 10 long years.
Maneesh Singh - India
fxtriangle reviews
I am quite happy with the returns that I am getting, Finally after a full year my portfolio clocked 109% returns, A targeted return of 100% was already promised so they kept their promise, In this turmoil market snatching such amounts of profit is definitely a good investment.
Farhen Al, Malik - Abu dhabi
fxtriangle reviews
The new team is awsome and responsive, A guided me in every aspect till the funding and withdrawal procedures, The retns always hover in between 10-23% with a drawdowns of 20% floating. The best thing about Fxtriangle is the adaptablity factor, Market always changes you have to fine tune your strategies to make the most of invested funds.
Sk. Yousuff Haq - Dubai