Forex Coding Solutions!

Since last 10 years Our programmers have converted several ideas into trading indicators and robots .

Forex MT4 coding service.

Have you ever though that , If you could automate your trading strategy that has been earning for you all those years. It feels great to see that a strategy is automatically making money for you so that you can spend some additional time with your family or may be in another business venture. If you are thinking the same then you are in the right place.

  • We currently code only in MQL Language supporting MT4 Terminals.
  • The work done by us are 100% compliant to your strategy.
  • MT4 has some limitations and thus all strategy may not work
  • Get free revisions for mistakes from Our Side.
  • We currently quote projects as per hourly rate.
  • You will be the owner of entire source code written by us.


Our Job is Done using the following steps


We study the customer requirements and try to understand what is the end product.


A feasiblity report is being prepared, If the strategy can be coded then we proceed to next step.


We send a quotation to the customer based on the feasiblity report and amount of time required.


Once customer agrees a full advance payment has to be made before the start of the job.


We generally deliver our projects within the stipulated time frame..

All our Services

MT4 Scripts

We have coded scripts such as order management, ts, max drawdown controller,invisble stops etc.

Fund Management plugin

Modules that adjust risks on trades Risk to Equity percentage proportionally, Instead of account balance because it changes dynamically.

Log tracker.

All activity of the terminal will be recorded in text or excel sheet, This includes opening / closing time of trades, why it is opened / closed and many other events.

Custom MT4 indicator.

These are indicators that are written exclusively and is not dependent on the stock indicators, This has a wide range of possiblity.

Code protection module.

There are several options, Including mql lock using dll files are impssible to crack and the source code is embedded in layers.

Lisence key generator

Want to sell your system to others, We have a list of all possib solutions that will help you generate unique key for your system.

Mt4 Expert

A complete autopilot solution to automate your manual trading activity using custom indicators or stock indicators.

Single file Ea

A single file where all the code of the Expert advisor is written including external indicators and functions.

Arbitrage Expert

An arbitrage Ea trades the price gaps within 2 broker feeds, We can code both 2 leg and 3 leg arbitrage system.


Already Have A Project in Mind.

Click the link below to email us with your requirements in a easy to understand langugae and with as much details as possible. We would also request you to add images along with your document, Our back end team will revert back to you with additional questions if necessary.