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Fxtriangle will make Fx trading look easy.


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We Provide access to our secret telegram channel for both monthly and annual subscription fees. Forex trading can be very trick and if you are late in your moves it would bring even more financial misery. We send signals based on the fundamental & technical analysis of the Market. Roughly you can expect about 10-20 signals each week with a 70% accuracy. By risking just 2%  per trades our followers have earned about 6 – 15% monthly depending also on account size and the leverage that you are using. Our signals are combination of swing & intraday trade calls.


Unlike other signal providers we send signals on almost 51 asset class consisting of currencies, commodities, cfd, bonds , stocks and metals.


Our trading signal consist of both fundamental and technical analysis, Sometimes we explain why the trade is called.


We send our trading signals in between the Asian session till the Us mid trading session. This is the time when market is stable.


We use a single stop loss and atleast 2 take profit levels in commodities or pairs with bigger range we use 3 TP levels.

Special news trade session

During News events such as Fomc, Interest rate statement, Non-farmpayroll data , C.P.I data and much more , We hold special sessions.


We use standard methods of trade calls and barely use advanced trading style such as hedging, So this is FIFO Compliant.


Select from below a plan of your choice and yes you can always upgrade from lower to a higher plan. Incase you need to change yr plan in the middle just contact our customer care and raise a request.


Per month

  • 7 days of trial available
  • Already 1000 Followers
  • Precise stop-loss & Tp
  • Multiple Asset Classes
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Paypal Payments



  • 7 days of trial available
  • Already 200 Followers
  • Precise stop-loss & Tp
  • Multiple Asset Classes
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Paypal & Wallets



  • 7 days of trial available
  • Already 70 Followers
  • Precise stop-loss & Tp
  • Multiple Asset Classes
  • Cannot be Cancelled
  • Wire transfer & Wallets

Frequently asked questions

Use the paypal subscribe button, The trial is offered automatically for 7 days from current date.

We have already subsidized the cost, there is always a 5% gateway charge which is borne by us. 

You will receive the signals through telegram app, Can be found here:

All signals are received by our followers instantly through telegram.

Please contact our support team, They will do the needful.

Our clients sPEAK

"Would not say consistent profits particularly due to the covid-19 impacts, But if aggregated the gains sum up to 11% monthly, which is good. "
Lenin daraough
"Great last 2 months, Made 27% & 34% gains and made up for the February losses, The telegram web platform is a bit slow but it's a third party software, so complaints on #fxtriangle team"
"Better performance on commodity pairs brent, wti & spx500 together gave almost 40% of the accumulated gains, Have to improve on currency pairs"
"Happy to subscribe using yearly payment,Using Paypal from our country is a bit difficult hope they will find some alternative methods for future subscription."
mr nikolovis
Forex trading and any instruments related to Foreign Exchange Market are Speculative and carry substantial risk of loss of either partial equity or the entire deposit amount. Leverage adds up to the risk, before considering to invest in this venture, you should first consider your financial position and may seek the help of an independent financial advisor. FXtriangle dis-recommends the usage of loan instruments to trade in this market as it can hamper financial position. Please do not invest the money that you cannot afford to lose. FXtriangle provides all its services throughout the Globe Excluding (Nigeria, British Virgin Island & the Islamic Republic of Iran) and also provides limited service in some jurisdictions where investment in Overseas markets / Fx Exchanges are prohibited by Law If you are not sure to contact us before using any of our services. FXtriangle acts as an Independent Corporate Financial Advisor and connects you to various overseas exchanges and cannot be held liable for any financial damage occurring through their side. All of our partnered institutions are regulated in various jurisdictions.FXtriangle conducts an independent background check before partnering with any institutions to fulfill your investment objectives smoothly. The usage of our Business name, Logo or any trademark in any financial forum, website, review website, complaint arena, Billboards without our written permission will attract lawsuits.