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Turkish lake turns into migrant graveyard

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akdamar church on lake van

Gravestones marked with identity numbers are all that remains of scores of migrants who tried to make the deadly crossing into Europe but were killed after their boat sank in a Turkish lake.

Lake Van, Turkey’s biggest lake in the far east of the country, makes up part of the deadly route for Afghan, Pakistani and other migrants seeking security and economic opportunities in Europe.

Two boats sunk in June in December, claiming a total of 68 lives.

The migrants were hoping to reach Greece.

Before reaching the lake, the migrants must often cross perilous border mountains. Villagers often discover frozen bodies after the snow melts.

In Van Province, two cemeteries were set up to bury migrants who could not be identified. In one, there were freshly dug graves, awaiting the next victims.

Those who successfully make the crossing are put into refugee camps on the island of Lesbos in Greece.

Abbas Khasimi, an Afghan migrant, decided against making the potentially deadly journey to Europe.

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